Donating to us

DMR Coverage in South Wales

Please, could you help fund our repeater network?

Your donation will help us keep GB7CW and GB7SA on-air and connected to the brandmeister network. for those that are unaware recently GB7CW had several technical issues that all manifested at once these included our wifi dishes were unrepairable, and a network card in our repeater failed these meant several visits to the repeater site to diagnose and repair the faults which have eaten into our finances so we, unfortunately, have to request that the users if their able donate a couple of pounds to help us fund the repeaters for the future.

if like many people you do not use PayPal but still wish to donate to us please contact us directly and we will see if we can come up with another means of donating for you.


DMR South Wales Team.

Designed by Mark Stevenson (2W0YMS)