Group Photo's

        Pictures Taken by the team from the day we installed the repeater and other equipment at the transmitter site. 
        Tom and Gareth visited the site in September and took some photo's while they were there. Also included are some RF coverage maps of the C.A.V.R.A. repeater network and our predicted coverage both by Radiomobile and the ETCC.
Click to view Gallery         Gareth and Tom working on the "Shack in a Box" for both semi Portable and also home use. This shack has been used at Nash Point for Aberkenfig Radio Clubs 1st birthday in 2014 and hopefully on many more occasions through out 2015.
Click to view Gallery         Some Plots from our friends who setup the Duplexer for GB7CW. 
Click to view Gallery         GB7CW Antenna Photos

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