Getting Started

Working the Cluster

Firstly, in order to program your radio, you will need to obtain a unique identification number. Further information is available here - DMR Registration

Secondly, in order to access the Cluster the equipment has to be set up correctly using the appropriate manufacturer software and interface. There are many Shops dedicated to selling DMR gear to Amateur Radio Operators and they will Pre-Program the radio equipment ready for you to use out of the box.
Please ensure that this is set up correctly for The South West Cluster as it has been found that the codeplugs come programmed for DMR MARC in some instances.

Programming your Radio

Colour Code – 3 for GB7CW (Repeater specific).
Rx Group List: Talk Group 9 or Talk Group 950 depending on Time Slot.
Tx Contact Name: Talk Group 9 or Talk Group 950 depending on Time Slot.
Time Slot 1 to only allow Talk Group 9.
Time Slot 2 to only allow Talk Group 950 (The Cluster).
Transmit Admit Criteria – Set to “Colour Code Free”.
Digital Mic AGC – Turned off.
In Call Criteria – Set to “Follow Admit Criteria”.
Talk Around – MUST be Disabled or turned off for any Repeater channel.
Message Delay set to 90ms.
PTT Timer set to 4min.
RSSI Roaming Threshold set for -108dbm (suggested setting if Roaming is used).


Below is a list of all the Repeaters linked into the South West Cluster Network.
Please be aware that the frequencies shown are what your Teminal should be set to.

Cluster layout

Please contact Tom us if you require any help to set up your radio!

IMPORTANTLY - Please do not attempt to access the network without an ID and please DO NOT MAKE UP YOUR OWN. We'll know and it won't work! Also, please do not apply for more than two IDs!


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