GB7CW Back on site.

DMR Coverage in South Wales

GB7CW Back on site.

Hi All,

As of 13:00 today we have put CW back on the host site. You will need to set up your radio with the following settings.

Slot 1, Talk Group 9 (This slot and Talk Group is for local use only)
Slot 2, Talk Group 9 (This slot and Talk Group is connected to the Brandmeister network)

To be able to access the repeater and be able to talk to other users.

We should be connected to the Brandmeister network with a stable connection. We will be monitoring it for a couple of weeks to ensure the connection is stable and if so be making any changes as necessary.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused while the repeater has been sent off for repair.

For more information on the brandmeister network please visit


Gareth (2W0GME)

DMR South Wales Team.

Updated due to technical transmit issues CW has been turned off remotely to save any aditional damage.




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