Initial Site Visit

Photographs of our initial site visit earlier on in 2014. As seen previously installed equipment Property of C.A.V.R.A.
10728826 10152694237656208 237198442 n  The C.A.V.R.A End Fed Unity Gain Antenna C.A.V.R.A. Repeater  C.A.V.R.A Repeater inside the building during install CAVRA SOUTH WALES COVERAGE  C.A.V.R.A Coverage via their 3 Towers
10717509 10152694237611208 615699052 n  Example of the thickness of the Coax 10726222 10152694237616208 1236074359 n  Example of the thickness of the Coax 10728646 10152694237661208 1098294803 n  Wider angle of hte C.A.V.R.A. Antenna on the Cwm Risca Tower
mynydd baedan-ms-02  Full view of the Cwm Risca mast taken in 2003 pic01  Our predicted coverage via Radiomobile gb3bd-map0000  Our repeater Predicted Coverage via