Request for donations

DMR Coverage in South Wales

Request for donations

Are you able to spare some change?

Hi All,

Thank you for being patient with us recently while we got our repeaters up and running mainly GB7CW which had a few unknown technical issues. As all seems to be running well now its that time where we have to ask for some kind donations to help top up the bank account from the expenditures we have had to make recently to repair several items. Thankfully Aberkenfig Radio Club kindly donated £200 to the initial cost of repairs but we have still had to eat into our buffers to ensure all other repairs and maintenance was taken care of.

If you feel you would like to donate to our repeaters please send a donation using PayPal

This donation will help keep our repeaters on-air and allow us to upgrade or maintain any of our equipment in the future.

If you do not use PayPal but still wish to donate please email one of the team and we will try to accommodate other ways to donate to us.

Thank you once again from all the team at DMR South Wales. without our users, we wouldn’t be doing any of this.

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