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Most of Andy's operating in recent years has been either portable or mobile using many of his home brew Antenna's. Andy has a vast knowledge and much experience in constructing and designing antenna's for any purpose or band. in his spare time Andy likes his photography regularly travels around in his mobile shack / campervan, to take some amazing photographs.


Gareth has been a keen radio amateur since 2002 and enjoys DX'ing and working VHF/UHF local simplex. With much of Gareth's time and patience he has created this website with the in-put from the rest of the team. Much credit must be given to Gareth for setting up the social media aspect and he is our 'Eyes and Ears in the Sky'


Karl is a keen radio amateur, active on all bands and modes including “D Star” daily found on VHF/UHF Mobile whilst working out and about .
Always interested in the latest technical advances in communications for the amateur, with electronics side of the hobby, he enjoys building from scratch and repairing equipment as much as TX’ing and is definitely not a “black box operator”. Karl is also a member ofWestern Valleys Raynet.


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