DMR Coverage for South Wales

GB7CW & GB7SA connecting the Valleys to the World 

About the dmr south wales group

Linking South Wales to the World….

In 2015 Tom (2W0TRR), Gareth (2W0GME), Andrew (GW0UZK), and Karl (MW0HUY) wanted to add an additional repeater to South wales to cover the areas previously not covered at the time. OFCOM wouldn’t allow an additional FM repeater at the time so it was decided to add a DMR repeater which at the time was a new digital mode to Amateur Radio. This is when GB7CW and DMR South Wales repeater group was created. During 2019 we took on an additional repeater in the Swansea/Llanelli Area named GB7SA.

Our Repeater Network


Below are the technical details you’ll need to program your DMR Radio. This will enable you to connect to the DMR South Wales Network


Keeper:  MW0IBF
Repeater: GB7CW
Band: 70cms
Mode: DMR
Colour: Code 3
Slot 1 Talk Group 76 (linked to GB7SA)
Slot 2 connected to the Brandmeister Network
Channel: DVU32
Output: 439.400 MHz
Input: 430.400 MHz
Locator: IO81
Location: Bridgend
NoV Issued: 30 March 2015


Keeper: MW0IBF
Repeater: GB7SA
Band: 70cms
Mode: DMR
Colour: Code 5
Slot 1 Talk Group 76 (linked to GB7CW)
Slot 2 connected to the Brandmeister Network
Channel: DVU-R24
Output: 430.300 MHz
Input: 439.300 MHz
Locator: IO81
Location: Port Talbot
NoV Issued: 25 May 2021

Please note due to Colocation the TX and RX for GB7SA are reversed compared to what you may be used to. 

The Team

Behind every group is a team of people keeping the repeaters on the air. There are also repeater keepers that take responsibility of the licensing conditions for the repeaters. This is to ensure we comply with the legal requirements as set out by OFCOM

Rob Wallis

Keeper –GB7CW / GB7SA

Rob is a keen amateur that likes to use HF and VHF/ UHF mainly SOTA work. He also uses the repeater network from home or as a backup when doing SOTA.

Karl Saltmarsh

Technical Adivsor

Karl is a keen amateur and mainly monitors radio due to other commitments but has all the knowlege to keep our systems up and running.

Gareth Evans

Repeater Assistant

Gareth is a keen Listener to Ham radio and a SWL of other bands. He monitors our network in his spare time and helps users who need assistance.

Andrew Rushton

Technical Advisor

Andrew is a keen ham and held the NOV for CW from 2015 until he had to move out of area in 2019. We thank him for his assistance in doing so and he is still a valued member of our team. 

Latest News

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest announcements and news about the network

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