=== GB7SA UPDATE ===

DMR Coverage in South Wales

=== GB7SA UPDATE ===


After the commissioning of GB7SA at its new location last weekend it was discovered that our repeater had reported a high SWR and Tx power rollback in the log. This is something that repeaters and radios do to protect themselves if there is an issue with the antenna or coax causing High SWR to be detected.

While visiting the site last night we noticed that it did indeed have a high SWR so upon problem solving this we found our Coax had water in the main feeder line and lightening arrestor.

So we took the decision to Swap over to our secondary antenna lower down on the mast to keep the repeater on air rather than having to shut it down until we can get the parts and time to fix it.

Signal reports this week would be welcomed.

We will try to get the repeater running on its main antenna as soon as we can
DMR South Wales Team.


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